10 keys to being a healthy pastor

Todd Rhodes had some good reflections on healthy rhythms of a pastor. Simple yet wise words.

1. Let God restore your soul daily.

  • Psalm 23. Matthew 11:28.
  • Worship. Prayer. Solitude. Listening. Bible reading.

2. Give your marriage priority attention.

  • A bad marriage ruins the rest of life. (Remember the Proverbs.)
  • A good marriage fortifies you for the rest of life.
  • Is your home a tunnel of chaos or an oasis of rest?

3. Work with your personal rhythms.

  • For me: start early, try and leave early.
  • Creative work in the mornings.
  • Between 4-7 p.m.: not my best time for mental focus.

4. Keep your Sabbath rest.

  • A principle of creation: rest one day in seven.
  • Sabbath is a day to pray and play.

5. Do the things only you can do – and delegate the rest.

  • Be ruthless in simplifying your work.
  • Empower others!
  • Take some time now to save much time later.

6. Focus on results, not time at work.

  • The point is not to clock your time but to get things done.
  • Focus on your highest impact activities.
  • Managers do things right. Leaders do the right things.

7. Get regular exercise.

  • For me: weight lift and cardio 4-5 times per week
  • If you are healthier and fit, you can work harder and you will last longer.
  • Exercise is a huge stress reliever.

8. Ask for help.

  • Secrets are dangerous.
  • Need help? In the last 18 months, has a trusted person told you, “I think you need to talk to somebody about that.” If the answer is yes, get help.
  • Every prominent Christian leader and pastor I know, regularly visits a counselor. It is okay to ask for help.

9. Let God heal your anger.

  • Ask God to show you … heal you.
  • Ask a close friend if you seem angry.
  • Consider: Elder prayer, counseling, talking with an insightful friend.

10. Don’t be crushed by criticism.

  • Consider the source.
  • Be willing to receive criticism from trustworthy people – people who are for you, who are insightful, who are not negative.
  • Consider if you are a pleaser. Galatians 1:10