[ 14 ] Links That Will Change Your Life

In honor of Valentine’s Day today, here are [ 14 ] links that will change your life…

All this talk of being missional is great, but do you even know your neighbors’ names? 

Battling college costs, one paycheck at a time. 

There are atheist churches?

A megachurch turned… anabaptist? 

I would like a door like this at my house. Awesome.

I told my wife I thought Barnes and Noble would be out of business in the next two years. The next day, this article was published. 

Iceland gave Bjork her own island – and its amazing.

Why parents need to let their children fail.  

Regardless of your political affiliation, you gotta feel bad for Obama. Getting dissed on a handshake once bruises the ego – but four times?? Brutal. 

Brian Zahnd on why he doesn’t own a gun. 

11 common words you’re probably mispronouncing. Yep. 

One of the lessons the Church can learn from Google. 

Tony Campolo tells great stories, but this one is one of my favorites. I tear up every single time.

Great video. Fantastic conference. Awesome city. #philly