[15] links that will change your life

Check out these links. You can be certain they will change your life forever.

Turn up the volume and listen to this horse race announcer (the ending is hilarious!) MY WIFE KNOWS EVERYTHING! THE WIFE DOESN’T KNOW!

Preachers and iPad lovers unite. Taking it a bit too far?

These dunks are sick. Unbelievable.

Bill Donahue on leading from the middle. Wise thoughts.

This is one of the craziest things I’ve seen in a while. Seriously.

But nothing beats the double rainbow guy. Nothing.

This book looks fascinating – and much-needed. Compelling.

Miniature art on the tip of a pencil. Astounding.

Macro Photography of your Eyes. Amazing.

I keep thinking of this post by Eugene Cho from last month. Startling.

Love Your Enemies: a short animation that is worth your time. Powerful.

40 conceptual print ads . Very creative.

The Q Society: Where You Live Matters. Thought-provoking.

How to pull a tooth by using a rocket. (This dad is awesome).

Participating in a spiritual audit. Great post.