[ 16 ] Links that will change your life

The 83 Great Church Logos of 2012

Ira Glass on storytelling 

Having the courage to be direct 

Shoot Christians Say: this is hilarious and a bit too uncomfortable for those entrenched in the Christian subculture.

This book looks fantastic. In fact, I’ve already ordered it.

15 ways to pay off $80K of debt in 18 months. Good post. And good for her!

The iPhone travels over 20,000 miles before ending up in your hand. Whoa. 

The three book diet. Interesting idea, but readers: could you actually do this?

Android accounts for how many smart phones in the world? Really? (You will be surprised).

 World’s biggest Bible publisher? You’ll never guess…

When truth is stranger than fiction.

Frozen helicopter. This is unbelievably mesmerizing.

The 5 comments preachers hate the most. Pastors: do you agree/disagree?

Are we turning into digital narcissists? 

10 things you didn’t know Dropbox could do

The premise of this book is fascinating – and refreshingly encouraging. Including the anonymous author.