[ 17 ] Links That Will Change Your Life

Co-founder of Twitter’s rule for success: do less.

A foosball table made out of VHS tapes. Looks like there is still a use for them after all.

Byron Borger’s Hearts and Mind Bookstore (one of the best around) releases their best books of 2012. Great list. Congratulations to my friend JR Woodward for making the list.

The most megachurch-oriented city? The answer will surprise you. 

The 5 most interesting stats on international adoptions. 

The Lord’s Prayer by Mahalia Jackson – whoa.

Pray for Pastor Abedini in Iran 

The 9 most unhealthy meals on restaurant menus. Ew.

Jared Byas on The Rumor. 

4 points in the first half?! This is embarrassing… 

Mark Cuban asks the question, will your college go out of business before you graduate? 

Pickiest professor ever? 

This census dot map is fascinating. 

Why coaching trumps attending conferences. 

Fake Air Jordans feature a naked Michael Jordan. Yep. Those are fakes.

10 Mistakes Teaching Pastors Need to Avoid

The Lone Bellow. I can’t get enough of these guys. #onrepeat