[ 17 ] Links That Will Change Your Life

Shoes in the styles of social media sites

Rick Warren speaks to pastors about the importance of avoiding the comparison trap. Wise words.

Cool or creepy: would you want to swim in this pool? 

Killing unlimited data plans are reaping in billions for phone carriers

Are you glad that CEOs are tweeting? Others are.

As a church planter, this book looks interesting and poignant. 

David Brooks writes about the changing face and the coming tsunami of the college campus. 

Jo Saxton on the importance of persons of peace

Good thoughts – and self-reflective questions – on effective leadership

5 rules to follow when meeting with a mentor

The rise of Muslims and the decline of Baptists in Orlando? Yep. 

Ever thought about getting a tattoo in Hebrew? Make sure you read this site first!

10 things your commencement speaker won’t tell you. Now, this is my kind of commencement speech!

What makes leaders interesting

Ever heard of the free app Pocket. I absolute love it. Anyone else use it?

Ben Sternke on why its hard to invest in exponential growth 

Mark Batterson on the link between Church and Place











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  1. I downloaded Pocket earlier this week and I LOVE it! I’d never heard of it before. But I often have articles / videos, etc. I want to watch but don’t have time to right then. This is a simple concept and works great. Love having one place to save all this stuff, so I don’t constantly have to save people’s emails with links to articles, etc.

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing, J.R.!

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