[ 18 ] Links that will change your life

Bono’s humbling realization about foreign aid

Why Evernote pays to have the houses of its 250 employees cleaned twice a month. Interesting.

 12 must-watch TED talks for entrepreneurs 

 Charleston, SC: the world’s best city? 

 Dave Fitch: Should churches gather? When should they gather? 

Christianity Today’s 50 women you should know. Good list!

 An open letter to pastors about the dangers of using social media 

 German man tries to jump into icy pool. The funniest video I’ve seen in a while.

The tipping point in the magazine industry has been identified… 

 5 ways leaders botch communication – without saying a word. 

 The future of agriculture may actually be…up?

The top 10 church logos for telling story through design 

5 tough questions to help tame overspending 

Michael Hyatt shares all the helpful tools. This is incredibly helpful – and thorough!

 The importance of keeping unscheduled time 

The fart that almost altered my destiny. Wow. Just wow.

25 books every Christian should read

 9 things you shouldn’t do in the presence of a Google Street View vehicle 


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