[ 21 ] Links that will change your life

13 things to teach your kids about credit cards

 Dave Gibbons on making space for the Spirit 

Our friend Byron Borger recommends 10 fun summer reading books 

 Interesting thoughts on the spiritual poverty of Anabaptism. I’d love to hear the thoughts of my Anabaptist friends.

 21 charts that explain America’s values

 Lisa Robinson on the 7 reasons pastors should preach through books of the Bible 

 NBA team owner Mark Cuban on the coming meltdown in college education. Do you agree or disagree? 

 For all you distracted types: 7 ways to double what you get done in a day 

 Speaking of focus, what multitasking does to our brains

 34 ways to spend less each month 

Creepy story about flying the friendly skies. Yikes.

 If you bought a Hawaiian island, what would you do with it? 

 Why you should consider canceling your summer short term mission trip.

Incredibly heartwarming travel dance video. Worth the watch. But that little jig is…peculiar and mesmerizing.

How artists make more money by giving their music away for free.

 Incredibly inspiring video of eternal perspective through tragedy. Must watch this.

 What your shoes tell others

Serious help for silly “pastors” – interesting. Especially since my title is “Cultural Cultivator” at our church

These photos are still heartbreaking and difficult for me to watch. So many of my friends and family have been affected by the Colorado Springs fire. (The house we owned was a few hundred feet from the flames and was in the mandatory evacuation area).

Speaking of the fire, this video – though 16 minutes long – helps you understand the breadth of the impact. Put this on full screen and turn the volume up as the music is incredibly impactful. Again, devastating.

To be missional make beer? That’s the story of Guinness beer.