[ 3 ] brief thoughts on failure

Today I leave for Colorado to help lead and facilitate the Denver Epic Fail Pastors’ Roundtable with a group of courageous pastors and leaders who are willing to process their failure in light of the gospel. Each event we host is unique and different, each carrying with it stories of hurt and hope. I find I smile a lot and cry a lot at these events.

These are incredibly personal for people – and for me, too. Each one of these events wrecks me for about 48 hours after each Epic Fail Pastors event is completed (if you don’t believe me, ask my wife. She’ll tell you just how true this is).

As I’ve been preparing for the Denver event this week, I’m processing three main thoughts:

[1] How do we fail in the direction of grace? We hear of people falling from grace – but what might it look like to see people falling toward grace? Hopefully spaces like this are an attempt to do just that…

[2] Failure can be the most ironic gift of grace God offers to us. The struggle is often in seeing it as such…

[3]  Failure is one of the surest indicators if our Jesus communities are safe places to live out the dangerous message of grace. Next time failure occurs in your church, notice how the community responds. It will tell us if the gospel is running through our bloodstream.

Note: if you’re in the Denver area, we’d love to have you join us. Space is still available.