A great description of our charmingly eccentric Jesus community

Doug Moister, the pastor I have the privilege of serving alongside of in the context of The Renew Community, recently wrote these thoughts for our church’s weekly email. It was such a great summary of our charmingly eccentric Jesus community I thought I’d pass it along:

“How would you describe Renew?” I am asked this question many times throughout a month as I interact with people inside and outside of the Church and I always begin with this statement: “Renew is unique.”

We don’t own a building, we gather alternating weeks in the gym of the Lansdale Boys and Girls Club or in homes across the region and we have an intermission in the middle of our gatherings.

We value stories, communion, giving, prayer, worship, dialogue during the teaching, skeptics, dreamers and children.

Our one rule is simple: no perfect people allowed.

We push and remind each other that we are followers of Jesus who have been called to be “missionaries cleverly disguised as neighbors, coworkers, students, employees, business owners, managers, designers, steel workers, chemists, retirees, stay at home parents, IT people, contractors, sales people, healthcare professionals, teachers and family members.”

We pursue authentic Jesus community which doesn’t mean there are not messes; on the contrary, it is messy but Jesus is in the midst of our messiness.  We are concerned with how people growing and being shaped to be more like Jesus.

Our Uniqueness says a lot about who we believe God is and how he interacts with us.

Our gatherings are not a time to come and be entertained, but a time for us to enter into sacred dialogue and conversation with the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures.

Our house churches enter into authentic community where we are vulnerable with one another and the Lord. Our house churches force us to see church not just as a building or a meeting place with stained glass and a choir but Church as People who are beloved children of God.

I am blessed to be a part of this unique community!  It continues to challenge and shape the way I think about our relationship as individuals and a community partnered to Jesus and I want to challenge you to think about how what we do shapes the way we think about God…”

I, too, am blessed to be a part of this unique community and to serve alongside of a great pastor like Doug.