Baby update

Many of you all know that we’re in the exciting and exhausting process of adoption a second child (for context read this). We’re excited/overwhelmed/numb/thrilled/scared to death.¬†Which means we’re pretty normal for adoptive parents.

Or at least that’s what we’re told.

We received a text message from the birthmother a few days ago after her most recent checkup. The doctor told her that he believes she will go into labor within the next seven days. So, when birthmother has dilated 4 cm she will call us – and we will frantically throw all our stuff into our car and drive 9.5 hours to the hospital to meet our son.

We’re swimming in a pile of to-do lists right now. Talk to the attorney. Get the oil changed. Write birthmother a letter (how do you possibly write something that expresses fully the gratitude you have for a gift like your son?) Write (another) check for more adoption service fees. Print off Google map directions to the hospital. Who will get our mail? Try to explain to our three year old about adoption and the impending arrival of his baby brother (he thinks babies are manufactured in hospitals). Get the guest room transformed into the baby’s room. Give our guest bed away to make room. Have we called the health insurance company to add the baby to our policy, honey? Buy diapers and formula. Talk to the adoption agency director in PA. Overnight papers FedEx to Michigan. Talk to the adoption agency director in MI to confirm the papers have been received…

And then we’ll get a call; one which will be both shocking and expected, a call will come way too soon and yet one that couldn’t come soon enough…

tonrshouldr_bw_hi-key_4x5_72 After the hospital visit we’ll have to stay almost two weeks in Michigan for all the legal papers to be signed and processed in court. Two weeks of bonding with our son and adjusting to being a family of four and waiting for all paperwork to clear and papers to be notarized and (hopefully) resting a bit – and maybe getting a little bit of work and seminary homework done when the boys are napping… whew.

Sometimes these things can be exhilarating. But sometimes the thought – and the pace – of it all sends us over the threshold of normalcy to a foreign and scary land that is beyond feeling overwhelmed.

Smiles and tears.

Emotional labor pains.

It’s a jolt to the emotional, mental and physical system when you have just six weeks’ notice to prepare to invite another family member into your home! But we keep on – processing and praying and breathing and trying to beat our to-do lists into submission.

And then remembering to breathe again.

It’s a complex thing trying to process something like this.We’d appreciate your prayers in this area. Above all else, we know that it’s worth it. And despite the myriad of emotions, the dominant one is excitement. We are so excited to meet our son!

Who knows what this week ahead will hold.

But we’ll keep you posted!