[ 17 ] Links That Will Change Your Life

Co-founder of Twitter’s rule for success: do less. A foosball table made out of VHS tapes. Looks like there is still a use for them after all. Byron Borger’s Hearts and Mind Bookstore (one of the best around) releases their best books of 2012. Great list. Congratulations to my friend JR Woodward for making the…

Men: Beware of the Doghouse

A little Monday humor… A friend sent me this high quality, hilarious, satirical four-minute video produced by JC Penney informing men how to stay out of the Doghouse this Christmas (thanks, Carl!) Men: we've been warned.

The Worst Best Man Ever

I've seen a lot of wedding bloopers, but this one takes the cake. I couldn't stop laughing…Megan almost cried. Watch this.

Absolutely, completely random videos

If you need a mindless ten minute break from work…NOTE: Take it for what it is. There is no meaning, purpose or goal behind these other than to give you a fun break with random videos. Miss South Carolina…what were you thinking? Filipino prisoners are Michael Jackson fans? Parakeet auditioning for So You Think You…

Create a Caption contest winners

This week’s Create a Caption contest produced some great captions. Here are our winners: Honorable mention: Dave "The Cuz" Barry"You should see the blender merry-go-round!" Third place: Dave "The Cuz" Barry (on a roll!) "Proof that reality TV has hit a new low" Second place: Ray"For Sale, Playground Slide. Used Once." First place: (I was…

Create a Caption contest

The brokenstainedglass create-a-caption contest is back. Here’s how you play: Look at the picture. Submit a funny (and appropriate) caption to the picture. The funniest caption at the end of the week wins (multiple submissions are allowed).

Make your own superhero

For all you comic book fans out there, you can make your own superhero, personalized down to the cape and type of mustache you want. (Thanks for the link, Shaun) It’s awesome. I just made the character "SuperPastor" myself (but for some reason I couldn’t save it). SuperPastor was complete with a cross necklace and…

Create a Caption contest winners

Lots of good entries this past week for the Create a Caption contest. We’ve got a tie for first place. Jim wrote, "New marketing campaign: ‘Why have a root beer float when you can have a PEPSI float!’" Katie wrote: "What happens when under-tasked Pepsi execs developed an addiction for Tetris…" Congratulations Jim and Katie.