Create a Caption Contest #4 Winners

Boy, this week was really hard to choose our winners of contest #4. There were about a dozen entries that were extremely witty and hilarious. It was so close I had to expand the amount of judges on the official BSG Create a Caption judging panel to two — Megan helped me pick the winners this week.

So, here are our winners for week 4:

Third place was Josh Devlin:

"Well, he’s got good form, Bob, but the landing is going to cost him."

Second place goes to Devin for being observant of the other girls sitting on the ride in the picture:

"Jin makes a last attempt to impress the girls wtih a giant leap to the stars…litle does he know they’re all looking up his shorts."

And First place goes to Carl Adams (one of the funniest men I’ve ever met) with his response:

Miyoshi and his ancestors would forever bear the shame for Miyoshi’s foolish error. Clearly, the call had not said ‘Simon Says’ before the command ‘Jumpee very high in air we go!’"

This contest has been a raving success, thanks to the management of BSG. Check back tomorrow for the fifth (and in my opinion, the best image of all of them) contest and post away…