Epic Fail Pastors Roundtable: coming to Chicago next month


After having just finished a meaningful time in Denver for an Epic Fail Pastors Roundtable our planning team is excited to announce we are hosting another Roundtable event next month.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Epic Fail Pastors Events, these are incredibly unique – different from other ministry conferences or seminars you’ve probably attended. They are raw, incredibly honest and safe spaces to talk about the dangerous F word with other pastors in various regions of the country. 

We’re excited to be coming to Chicago Friday evening April 26 and Saturday April 27. The event will be held at Northern Seminary (Lombard, IL).

Many pastors have experienced various levels of failure, rejection and/or shame in ministry. If you haven’t experienced them yet, you certainly will. Chances are you’ve at least wrestled through thoughts of failure (and how to define ‘success’) in your church.

These events are not about giving you new models or methods to make your church bigger, better or more ‘successful.’ They are not woeful moan-and-groan sessions. Instead, they are purposeful and hope-filled spaces to process the heart issues of identity, the gospel and worthiness, hear from other pastors in the region who have wrestled through failure, give space for grieving, develop a robust theology of failure and encourage pastors to cultivate healthy rhythms moving forward.

We have presenters (which we call Experts on Failure) and storytellers, who share their own journey through failure in raw and cliche-free ways – and sharing how God showed up in the midst of their brokenness and mess. We laugh. We cry. We share our stories. We process. We discuss. We take communion together.

The cost of the event is only $49 – we purposefully keep the cost low in order to make it accessible to pastors, leaders and volunteers. We want to encourage pastors to bring elders, leaders, staff and other team members to the event so we’re offering this: for every three people you bring we’ll give one free. One of the most common responses we hear from people after these events is, “If I knew that this would be so significant when I signed up to come, I would have brought others from my church to experience this with me.”

Consider joining us – and bringing others along with you – we’re convinced it will be the most significant $49 you spend on your personal development in ministry this year.

Click here to learn more or register for Epic Fail Pastors Roundtable: Chicago.

And would you help us spread the word? Do you know of any pastors, leaders or organizations in the Chicagoland area who might benefit from this? Help spread the word and send them the link. Thanks in advance.