Hanging Out with Sparky’s Flaw


Last night my friend Kyle and I went down to The Fire, a music venue in the city, to hear an up and coming band called Sparky's Flaw.

They're young guys with a great sound (and a memorable band name, for sure). 
They sound a bit like Maroon 5 and Starsailor with a little bit of Cartel thrown in there – and the lead singer has a falsetto that hints of Chris Martin, Coldplay's front man.

What's interesting is that the last time I saw the lead singer (Will Anderson) and drummer (Johnny Stubblefield) was when they were scrawny seventh graders in my youth group when I did a summer internship in college at the church I grew up in.
They used to goof around on their instruments after Tuesday night Bible study.
Last night was so surreal seeing them up there on stage.
I felt so old.

It was great to hang out with the guys after the show and hear what they've been up to, where they are at spiritually and get an update on their families.

If you get a chance check out their website and listen to their hit song "Under Control."
Also check them out on facebook and myspace.