Have you ever thought to yourself or said to someone else, “You know, I would love to visit Israel some time?”

Well, here’s an opportunity we’d love for you to consider: join us on a trip to Israel from April 2-April 12, 2014.

One of the items on my bucket list has been to lead a trip to Israel ever since I lived and studied in Jerusalem for a semester during college.

I have been a part of a team of people planning this trip for the past several months. We’re excited to be working in partnership with Mejdi Tours, a great travel tour organization that plans dozens of trips to Israel each year.

This ten-day trip includes visits to:

  • Jerusalem
  • the Sea of Galilee
  • Masada
  • the Dead Sea
  • Jericho
  • Caesarea Maritima
  • and many other biblical locations.

The trip will include experiencing the biblical areas and teaching through the texts as the Bible comes alive to us. It will also include a significant exploration in justice issues – specifically the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, as we will interact with Jewish and Palestinian leaders to hear first-hand accounts of what is really going on. We’re thrilled to provide both biblical teaching and justice issues in the same trip – something most tour trips to Israel rarely offer.

This trip is open to all people, but it is highly recommended those on the trip be in very good health and in very good shape as we will be doing a large amount of hiking and walking throughout the visit.

We are still working on the exact cost of the trip with Mejdi Tours (and we will know that in the near future). No doubt, trips like this can be expensive, no matter which travel agency you use or how long your visit. But trust me: while Israel tour visits are expensive, the experience is priceless. I guarantee that while you will spend a week and a half packing your bag full of experiences it will take you a lifetime to unpack that bag when you get home.

The Bible comes alive during the trip and you get to experience first-hand what life was like in the time of Jesus. I am telling you as honestly as I can: you can’t put a price tag on something like this.  Ask others who have gone on trips before and they will tell you they were surprised by the cost before they went – but most come home convinced it was worth every penny (and many go again).

Yes, the trip is quite a bit into the future, but we want to get the word out now so people can plan ahead with your schedule – and your finances – in order to join us.  More specific details to come, but we would love for you all to seriously consider joining us. If you’re interested, contact me and we can put you on our communication list to let you know when further details and information are available in the near future.

We would love for you to experience this life-changing trip with us as we explore the land of the Bible.