Kevin Kelly: enjoying technology without letting it control us

screen time In The Next Christians, Gabe Lyons quotes Kevin Kelly (futurist, inventor and senior writer of Wired magazine) regarding his technology habits.

Kevin created a few basic anchoring priorities when it comes to technology – for example, he doesn’t own a cell phone, a Twitter account, a laptop and he rides his bike for transportation (quite impressive, considering he writes for Wired).

As technology becomes more and more accepted in the fabric of our culture, discernment becomes increasingly important for followers of Jesus. There is a lot of wisdom to be gleaned from these few sentences from Kelly (emphasis mine):

“My first priority is face-to-face conversation. If I can be physically in front of someone, I give that person my full attention – ignoring competing distractions of phone calls or anything else that might hinder my focus. But if a face-to-face conversation is not possible, I defer to voice-to-voice – normally by way of phone. But even with that, I have rules. When I’m having a phone conversation, I don’t look at my computer screen or engage with anything in front of me, except the person I’m talking to at that very moment. I want to be fully present. But finally, if neither one of those options exist, my last resort is screen to screen. Using email or sending a text is my last preference – but even then I keep it short and sweet but force myself to be fully present in the written communication I send.”

[Q]: What disciplines/practices do you apply to technology so as to benefit from its services, but purposefully keeping it from controlling your life?