Random links

A fascinating rendition of Psalm 19 put to music.

Ricky Gervais conducts a hilarious interview with Elmo.

Wave art.

My stomach will hurts from watching this video. This is the best prank I’ve have ever seen anyone pull off. Hands down.

Forget facebook: you really need to sign up for Twitter.

Tom Ward dishes on the five questions the Church has a hard time answering.

Over 80% of Americans believe they should write a book. If you’re like 4 out of 5 Americans, Don Miller gives you what you need as he shares on how to write a book on his blog.

JR Woodward compiled a comprehensive post of all the new information regarding recent studies on the decline of religion in America. Valuable resource.

Seth Godin goes in search of dolphin leather.

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  1. JR, Funny, I was just about to send you a bizarre link; Faye and I got it from a seminary professor teaching an OT survey at Woodmen. It is a OT paraphrase with pictures of Lego characters acting out scenes; the prof said the paraphrase was good. Note/Caution: The Lego characters also act out sin described in Leviticus and by people throughout the OT, so if you use a I-net blocker like bsafeonline, it will actually popup as pornographic …

    Regards, Doug

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