Random links to start your week off on the right foot…

An empty airport gets $150 million…good to see our tax dollars at work.

Marko says we need to chillax about the Swine Flu – and I agree.

Amazing sand castles. Can you make one of these?

Could you take this Thirty Day Financial Challenge? I dare you…

Dang. This is an amazing beatbox routine.

Hilarious infomercial about the iBible shown at a recent Christian conference.

My brother’s thoughts on his first diaper change ever (and it was Carter’s diaper). He better get used to it fast!

Ed Stetzer gives his thoughts on the State of the Church

Thinking about planting a church? Acts29 gives 10 Qualifications for being a Church Planter.

Tim Keller delivered the best teaching on idols I’ve ever heard. Check out the notes here.

Check out this amazing video of a fifth grade music class (called PS22) doing their rendition of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida.” Straight-up awesome and inspiring. I love the passion of the students – and their teacher!

David Fitch gives readers his fascinating – and counter-intuitive – thoughts on Instilling Missional Habits in your church. A must read!

India is now selling the Bible study that I wrote. India!

An undelivered Nixon speech has been found. Hey, ya never know… Just in case, right?

Forget power point presentations. This is unbelievable.

What NOT to say and do in an interview (these videos are hilarious).

Harvest Business tells us How to write emails that people will actually read.

Transparent Computer Screens – how do they do that?

Elizabeth Gilbert talks at TED about how to nurture creativity.

Like golf? Got a box of Kleenex? Then watch this.

13 Questions Christian parents would ask their children regularly. Agree or disagree?

10 Wives’ Tales Debunked

Are the suburbs becoming cool again?

One of my newest favorite websites: New Math.

Tuesdays right before lunch: studies show its the most stressful time of the week.