Random links worth your time

Photographer creates a portfolio of 100 abandoned houses in the Detroit area. Creative and depressing.

The United Methodist Church is trying to be hip and cool again. (Have you seen their ads in Newsweek lately? Surprisingly, they are actually quite compelling).

Wanna watch free -and good – documentaries online? Check out this site. It’s the Hulu.com of documentaries.

Eugene Cho speaks on validation. What do you think?

Check out this visual parable by I Love Pinatas.

Just recently heard about the musician Josh Garrels. This guy has a uniquely smooth voice. Check it out on his site.

Marketing guru Seth Godin speaks at TED on the importance of Tribes. Worth a watch.

Ever lost your luggage? (Dumb question. We all have). Ever wonder what happens to all that unclaimed luggage? It’s sold at auction. Then this guy buys them…and wants to return them to you. Strange, but altruistic, hobby.

100 (really) creative business cards. Some serious creativity (and money) was spent on these cards.

Here’s a good collection of the best Commencement speeches and quotes.

If you like words and are a visual processor, this site rocks.

Have you downloaded the new live Coldplay album yet? Good: its free. Better: it’s legal. Best: it’s fantastic.

I cringed and smiled watching this YouTube video called Bad Christianese.

Article in USAToday highlighting the rise of adoptions.

Wow. Someone has a pretty unique outlet for their creativity. What’s next?

New addicting time-waster. This site is hilarious.

Is the church secretary the most powerful person in the church? Maybe…

Is this the bridge illustration 2.0? Check out this video and tell me what you think.

This granny has got some guts. And some faith. Great story.

A great book review on David Bosch’s work Transforming Mission.

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  1. JR! I just had to comment on your link to “the new bridge diagram.” The guy who developed this way of explaining the Gospel is an InterVarsity staff worker (the Christian organization I work for). Our staff have been using this Gospel diagram all over the country.

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