Restorers: the next Christians

Tomorrow I head to Taylor University for a week of meetings and speaking. My wife Megan is able to join me for the trip (a rare privilege) as we’ll have the opportunity to relive some of the memories of our college experience. It will be a full week, as I’m slated to speak 11 times on 9 different topics in a span of 5 days.

next christiansOne of the privileges during the trip is speaking at the National Student Leadership Conference, which Taylor hosts each year for Christian leaders from various colleges. I’ll be speaking on the topic of the Leader as Question-Asker, sharing why questions are crucial to leadership of the future and how we can grow in our capacity to ask the right questions of the right people at the right time.

This year’s keynote speaker at NSLC is Gabe Lyons (founder of the Q Conference and author of The Next Christians). The theme for the conference revolves around the role of Christian leadership being restorers in culture (a concept found throughout Gabe’s book). In many ways, Gabe’s book is a part of the tribe encouragement Christian leaders to engage culture. I finished reading the book last week and it’s a valuable addition to the conversation.

I took a few notes on what I read. The posture of the next Christians, as outlined in the book are:

The Next Christians 2

In the book, he includes a diagram describing the role the next Christians will embrace (and are already beginning to embrace).  I find this simple and straightforward visual helpful in describing to others (particularly those outside of the Christian faith) why there is hope for future generations.

The Next Christians 1

I’m looking forward to interacting with Gabe, hearing him speak and picking his brain about the hope that exists in the future of Christianity.