Seeking to be the Home Depot of the Kingdom of God

Every few months I carve out some time to step back and view the entire landscape of what is going on around me.

Recently I stepped away from the daily flow of traffic and spend time in reflection with a specific focus on the efforts we’ve made with Kairos Partnerships, the initiative we created about 18 months ago. I was incredibly encouraged by the significant ways we’ve been able to walk alongside of pastors, church planters and leaders in various fields, sectors and ministries.

brandIn many ways, we see our unique contribution to others as the Home Depot (“You can do it. We can help.”) of the Kingdom of God. (Lowe’s tagline works well also: “Never stop improving.“)

We aren’t the experts or the ones with all the answers, but we have experience and an outside perspective that many leaders need to help navigate their contexts with greater effectiveness and faithfulness through a relational approach that includes training, offering resources and tools and asking probing and incisive questions. 

It’s a privilege to walk alongside of pastors hungry and eager to grow personally and in their leadership roles. More specifically, I realized we’ve had the privilege of working alongside of great leaders in organizations, schools, non-profits and churches including:

The Kairos team has had the privilege of working with leaders representing over 30 different denominations through speaking, consulting, training and coaching.

In addition, we’ve been coaching pastors and leaders in various parts of the country including Pennsylvania, Georgia, Minnesota, Florida, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Delaware, Texas and New Jersey.

If our team can walk alongside of you – either personally or as an organization, church, school or non-profit – in any way, we would love to talk to you. If we’re Home Depot of the Kingdom, then we’re here to help you with that leaky faucet of ministry conflict, decide which new light fixture to install in your vision or plan for that remodeling job in your organizational structure you’ve been thinking about for a while.

We also depend upon the generous donations of others who believe in the vision of Kairos Partnerships. If you are interested in knowing more about how you can partner with us financially you can find out more here.