the frequency of praying with your feet

How often – and how long – should I prayerwalk?

As often and as long (or short) as you want!

Personally, I’ve found it to be helpful if I prayerwalk at least one time a week by myself and one time a week with someone else. I’ve also found that it’s beneficial to prayerwalk for 45 minutes to an hour. It allows you to walk several blocks/a few miles and learn and observe more about your city.

Sometimes I walk similar routes I’ve been on many times before; sometimes I walk routes that are new streets I’ve never been on. Both are important. A couple of months ago I met with the police Sargeant (don’t worry…it was all good) and asked him what the worst streets/blocks were in our community. I find that I frequent those streets the most and ask God to do some mighty and evident things – to bring peace – to those neighborhoods. My desire is to hear in the future that there has been little to no police activity in recent months.


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