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Many of you have asked me why I have a personal blog, but the resonate community – which is built around the philosophy of relational connectivity and living life together – does not.
It’s been a good question.
And we’ve been listening.

We finally have the official/unofficial resonate blog up and running.
It’s still in it’s initial stages, but the skeletal structure is in place.

It’ll include important information, allow opportunities for further interaction, a chance to network, a chance to voice your opinion and discuss. Check it out here.
Bookmark it and place it in your favorites.
Check back on the resonate blog every couple of days.

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  1. JR, since you just started it, I thought it’s worth considering a few options that may be more cost effective for the Resonate blog.
    If you want to do what you have with typepad, i.e. keep the template basically the same, not worry about having a unique domain name, and only using it for posting info, offers basically the same service for free, but also add custom headers and different pages such as an about page. For $15 you can change the CSS, the colors essentially.
    If you want even more control, you can sign up with bluehost and use for almost the same amount of money. That allows you to hack up all kinds of nifty wordpress templates for the blog. Then you can have a domain name, which can be handy.
    Whatever you choose, it shouldn’t be too hard to transfer what you already have.
    Of course if you like typepad, that’s cool, but I thought you should know there are some great options out there for a blog.

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