Viral Hope

Several months ago my good friend JR Woodward asked if I would contribute to a series he was doing on his blog about the gospel. The series was a great idea. The question he wanted 50 missional practitioners to answer in several paragraphs was:

If your local newspaper asked you to write a column answering the question “What is the Good News?” what would you say?”

What a great question – what is the good news for your city?

It was a privilege to contribute to this series – as well as a good challenge to truly articulate what is the Good News of the Gospel that Jesus proclaimed and how it related to our context in the North Penn region.

There was so much momentum and healthy conversation that resulted in this blog project. 50 on-the-ground practitioners in diverse contexts attempting to embrace and live out the gospel message – and communicate it as clearly, compellingly and contextually as possible.

And JR had an idea. I remember at least year’s Ecclesia Church Planter’s Training in Richmond, JR approached me and asked if he thought this blog series could ultimately be turned into a book project. We talked late into the night about publishing and logistics and what it could look like to offer these vignettes to a broader audience.

ViralHope is the debut project published by Ecclesia Press, a new publishing division of the Ecclesia Network. The goal of Ecclesia Press is that it grows to be significant resource to missional church leaders and practitioners by giving voice to those who are in the missional trenches, seeking to cultivate disciples and communities that join in God’s mission in the world.

JR secured some solid list of encouraging feedback from missional thinkers and leaders. Scot McKnight wrote the foreword and endorsers included Andrew Jones, Alan Hirsch, Alan Roxburgh, John Franke, Todd Hunter, Eugene Cho and Eddie Gibbs.

If you are looking to pick up a few copies of the book, check out Amazon. But if you’re looking to buy copies in bulk, check out the bulk order discounts on the Ecclesia Press site.