Worship video model: another thing to add to my resume…


The strangest thing happened to me.

Unbeknownst to me, I ended up in a Michael W. Smith worship video.

A friend of mine contacted me on facebook telling me he saw a MWS video that has a picture of me in it. He sent me the link. I had heard rumors of this a few years ago from friends and thought, “Yeah, right. It’s just somebody that looks like me…” but I saw the video and yup, sure enough, there I am.

I’m not mad about it but I find it rather bizarre…

What’s even more bizarre is that I didn’t give permission to anyone to have my image used in the video – or any video. And I can’t, for the life of me, remember when anybody would have taken my picture to use this stock photo! I know its me, that’s for sure (and I still have that brown T-shirt I’m wearing in the video, too).

I have mixed feelings about it.

I’m not upset that I’m in a public video. (I was once on the reality TV show: TLC’s “A Wedding Story” with a viewership of five million people women per episode. It was the first wedding I ever officiated. Now that’s a lot of pressure for your first one).

And I’m not upset that I’m in a video with the CCM king of music, Michael W. Smith, himself (Megan and I met and mingled with Smitty at a friends’ house in the area a few years ago) although friends have already cracked on me for it. I just have mixed feelings that I’m in one and I didn’t know I would be in it and that nobody asked my permission.

At least my face didn’t pop up when Michael was singing about “unfaithful” or “uncaring.” That would have been awkward…

For the record, no, I am not going to sue that company and yes, several have already (hopefully jokingly) told me I should.

Well, we all have fifteen minutes of fame. It just looks like mine is inextricably linked to Michael W. Smith.

You can watch it here. I show up at the 03:15 mark.